BASS Creative was born to be different.

From the beginning
BASS Creative was born
to be different.

We take our graphic design business serious,
but also have
fun in the process!

Why partner with BASS Creative? Simple - we have the
uncanny ability to be able to adapt design styles to fit or
achieve our client's needs. With
over 30 years of design experience
under the belt, we have what it
takes to successfully communicate
your message in an exciting, memorable
way. We start every job by getting to know
our clients better - their personality and
mission. Next, we find out what our client's
actual needs are. Sure, we can design that
rush brochure with a first time client, but
when it is optimal, we like to sit down and
learn more about you and your direction so
we can hit the target right out of the gate.
Finally, we put our talents to work. Dedication
to superior customer service and satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
We are in it for the long run and want your repeat business and referrals!

We can design for most things under the sun - logos, corporate identity
packages, white papers, websites (in the Joomla CMS framework), email
blasts, magazines, electronic media, flyers, annual reports, postcards,
conference exhibit materials, books…and the list goes on! We also offer print brokering if you have the need. We have found that a successful design or campaign cannot only help your bottom line, it can form and shape an entire company's mission, voice, personality, and vision - all at once.

No, we are not affiliated with Bass Pro Shops…

On more then one occasion we have received calls asking for the Bait Department! Although we are known to throw out a line or two at Clinton Reservoir, or fly fish the Blue River, we are solely a graphic design company.

So what does BASS actually stand for?

Although we'd like to tell you it is something very high-brow, it actually started out as an acronym for our family members - Bob, AmyBeth, Samantha, and Savannah. Then we had Ryan…we had been in business four years by then, so we reconfigured the meaning to stand for Bob, AmyBeth, and the Stewart Siblings.

The Dynamic Duo

BASS Creative opened its doors in 1993 and has been in business ever since. Bob received his degree from the Colorado Institute of Art and was the Creative Director for a publishing company that was relocating cross country and we didn't want to leave Colorado. So, we decided to open shop on our own. Bob brings to the table many years of graphic design experience for both print and electronic/digital projects.

AmyBeth graduated from the University of Northern Colorado and was working in the Client Relations department for a student loan servicer before joining BASS Creative full time. She oversees the sales/marketing, managing the purse strings, and is the classic Gofer ('gofer coffee', 'gofer office supplies,' etc.).

We are business owners, as well as married to one another. We are constantly asked how we work together without strangling each other? The answer is simple - we love what we do, work well together, and appreciate each others strengths. (Not to mention AmyBeth is out and about a lot, so that helps us both…. a lot! ;)
Now you know more about us - we'd love to hear all about you! Give us a call or drop us a line today.